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SOLCO s.r.l. - Servizi per l'Organizzazione del Lavoro e la Creazione dell'Occupazione (www.solcosrl.it) is an organisation that aims promoting actions to favour the balance between demand and supply of labour. Having considered both the main problems of the labour market and the company's strategic orientation towards the favouring of social and occupational inclusion, Solco S.r.l. started to reflect on possible innovative actions that could favour the increase of employment opportunities and stimulate the growth of labour demand.
Throughout the years, these considerations have conducted Solco to successfully develop new ways to combat unemployment, and to succeed in elaborating specific actions to improve employment services. Furthermore, Solco has implemented actions to integrate and develop technological innovation processes. By doing so, Solco has build up a unique know how which regards the development of active labour policies, and especially the development of those labour policies that are aimed at (re)integrating persons at risk of social and occupational exclusion in the labour market which mostly covers disabled people. The company implements specific actions that vary from consultancy to research and studies, and from the promotion of employment (re-) integration to providing assistance for the creation of enterprises including self-employed entrepreneurs.
Partner will mainly be performing modelling and guidance to professional insertion of this new occupation system as well as entrepreneurship and free-lance work in this project. For this purpose, Solco will review employment, unemployment, education status of disabled people in Italy and establish the test group from computer literate volunteers in the consideration of definition of required key competences and identification of professional profiles of disabled virtual assistants as well as need analysis and plan design in business training for entrepreneurs, start-up of businesses and third sector will also be in the scope.

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