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Bfw (Berufsfoerderungswerk) Oberhausen (www.bfw-oberhausen.de) is one of the 27 rehabilitation centres in Germany offering the opportunity of vocational rehabilitation since 1978. Bfw-Oberhausen assists its clientele in all respects to adapt to their new situation and offer vocational assessment and career information courses, preliminary rehab seminars mostly focussing on the German language, multi-media preparation, rehabilitation-preparation for psychically handicapped people.
The retrainee has a choice of 30 different professional training alternative fields available at the Bfw-Oberhausen and more than 8200 successfully completed rehabilitation in the past 20 years and became a very important part of the rehabilitation and VET in Germany. Bfw-Oberhausen also gained experience in the training of different CAD construction systems such as: AutoDesk Inventor, One Space Designer Drafting, CAD-construction 3D, Viega CAD since 2003 and participated in different projects such as: Multi-MEDIA-preparation with online assistance, TULIPS (Tutor supported learning on interactive peripheral systems, 1994-1996), L3 (Learning centres computer based training of the Berufsfoerdungswerks).
The role of the organisation in the project is the identification of test groups in the territory, assistance to preparation of main-frame of e-learning for disabled, collection, evaluation and reporting the feedback of German industry towards the project. The training package will be made available at Bfw-Oberhausen both in test phase and after its completion. The model, e-learning packages and e-employment will also be introduced to other 26 rehabilitation centres in Germany for further valorisation of the project results.

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