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POINT (www.pnt-grp.com) is a general engineering company active in the CADD sector since 1977 in an international manner. Although POINT generally concentrates on the commercial design and building projects, it also gets involved in sector related specific tasks as well. Having all principals with engineering background, POINT has gained large scope of experience in all kinds of sectoral problems as well as needs and solutions since the early stages of its operations.
Having such a background had lead the company to form an international Web Site, www.svaclub.com available in English, in 1999 for bringing together the sectoral virtual freelance workers for serving to industry including CADD and detailing. However, after having seen the real potential, the scope and activity fields are widened to almost all "virtual working fields". During the operation of this site and related activities, it has been observed that disabled people are able to offer better quotations than others to the active projects. Furthermore, their rate of task completion is considerably higher. As a result, this is bringing higher competition strength. The site is quite profitable since then and plenty of virtual workers and employers are receiving benefits out of this site.

POINT aims to spread its experience in this specific field as well, particularly after having seen that the disabled people are one of the most encouraged and productive parts of the general population who are willing or currently active in virtual working environment, especially in technical related fields such as drafting and detailing as well as graphics, for the past six years. For this purpose POINT will undertake the whole project management and organisation tasks. A detailed work and sub-task assignment of the partners will be performed by POINT and comprehensive project management methods will be utilised. Valorisation of the project progress and final outputs in Turkey and in EU will be one of the most important duties of POINT.
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