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The IT&E - Integrated Training & Employment pilot project aims combined vocational training and e-employment of technical and computer oriented disabled people with mobility limitation in computer aided drafting, detailing and graphics.

For this purpose, e-learning packages will be prepared and made available to our members. First package will contain the details of training in how to become a self-employed working at home office (or "virtual assistants"), that is learning the general principles of virtual business in general. Second package will concentrate on drafting, detailing and graphics service fields. Creation of these e-learning packages will be followed by the tests and implementation by our members during the development of e-employment environment.

Project activities will concentrate in the development of project portal PEDVA which will both be serving as an e-learning and an e-employment Web site, allowing further continuous training and mutual information exchange among the users, i.e. continuous learning, which is a prerequisite of sustainable e-employment opportunities. The training and employment methods will further be strengthened by focusing on 'discouraged worker' effect elimination.
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